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Use latest Firefox in RHEL and enable Flash

As title, I just want to use latest Firefox (currently 68.0.2) on my RHEL76 workstation, but some legacy systems still use Flash.

Those two packages are installed from RHEL repo:

$ sudo yum list installed | egrep "^(firefox.|flash-plugin.)"
firefox.x86_64 60.5.1-1.el7_6 @RHEL-76-x86_64-updates
flash-plugin.x86_64 2: @RHEL-76-x86_64-ibm-updates

Step 1: add firefox as exclude package in /etc/yum.conf

Step 2: Get the latest firefox and replace the ESR.

sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/backup_firefox && \
wget -O- "" | sudo tar -jx -C /usr/local/ && \
sudo ln -s -r /usr/local/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Step 3: Add Flash plugin

[ -f $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/ ] || ln -s /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/ $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/
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Upgrade from RHEL 7.4 to 7.5

Few days ago my RHEL 7.4 started to upgrade itself to 7.5. After that, the dual display setting is broken again. Last time I fixed it in RHEL 7.4 by replacing the ATI driver with old el6 version.

To fix that, just remove ~/.config/mointor.xml and reboot. It comes back.

There is another issue is “System Tray Icon is no longer available”. Some old applications provide system tray icons, and there is an easy way to fix it:

Go Tweak Tool > Tweaks > Extensions > Enable Top icons.

Reference: Bug 1548446 – System Tray Icon no longer available in gnome 3.26 in RHEL 7 out of the box


辦公桌 2017

Office 2017

好長一段時間沒有更新,前幾天與推友談到螢幕,想起來好久沒有拍辦公桌分享(應該是有,但沒有記在這裡就…嗯…)(補連結《換位置》),而關於這個話題上一篇已經是十年前《辦公桌 2007》了啊~(茶)

主機算算也有五歲,兩顆爛爛的 ThinkVision X24 大概才一年多就報修過一次,最好的設備應該屬自己從日本扛回來的 Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 吧~一直不習慣 MBP 13″ 鍵盤打感,就不把它帶到辦公室用。