Install sshpass on macOS

It can not be done by simply using the command: brew install sshpass for security reason. I followed the steps from “Install sshpass on MacOS“. And here is my steps and logs. My macOS has linuxify installed, so it complied with gnu tools.

BENQ WiT ScreenBar

Just for keeping a record here. Bought from PChome24h on 05-07-2021

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D-Link DIR-882

The old WiFi router WZR-HP-G300NH2 is bought in May, 2012. Recently our Dyson Pure Cool machines lost connections a lot and it’s annoying. Although after tuned some settings in g300nh2 (TX Power and WiFi channels), it gets stable now. I ordered another WiFi router D-Link DIR-882. The setting process of dir-882 is smooth, BUT it… Continue reading D-Link DIR-882

Upgrade from RHEL 8.3 to 8.4

Our RHEL 8.4 is released on May 25th. Since I started WFH on May 11, the workstation in office is up for 57 days. Today, I decided to upgrade it remotely (fingers crossed). AFTER REBOOTED. I can login remotely. 🎉