• Twenty Twenty-Three

    Change to the latest default theme, since WordPress upgrade to 6.1 automatically. It has 24 hours downtime, but I don’t know why… Post this from WordPress iOS app v21.0 on MRT.😜

  • Twenty Twenty-Two

    Change to the latest default theme.

  • Got a MacBook Pro 16″ 2019

    It’s time to refresh my primary workstation. Got a new one from head office today. It is in stock for nearly one year, so it has 0% battery. After powered it on and set it up with Apple ID, the first thing is upgrading it to the latest macOS Monterey. and wait the battery gets […]

  • Behind Cloudflare

    Change DNS to Cloudflare for protecting.

  • Install sshpass on macOS

    It can not be done by simply using the command: brew install sshpass for security reason. I followed the steps from “Install sshpass on MacOS“. And here is my steps and logs. My macOS has linuxify installed, so it complied with gnu tools.

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