D-Link DIR-882

The old WiFi router WZR-HP-G300NH2 is bought in May, 2012. Recently our Dyson Pure Cool machines lost connections a lot and it’s annoying. Although after tuned some settings in g300nh2 (TX Power and WiFi channels), it gets stable now. I ordered another WiFi router D-Link DIR-882.

The setting process of dir-882 is smooth, BUT it lost web GUI every time after I changed the subnet. So I have to keep using the default, it’s not a big deal.

Because the plan of HiNet Light broadband I use is just 100/40M and it’s the maximum bandwidth I can use, there is no need to use the latest WiFi 6 products.

Next I can try OpenWrt firmware on g300nh2 and maybe turn it to a small services machine.