Use latest Firefox in RHEL and enable Flash

As title, I just want to use latest Firefox (currently 68.0.2) on my RHEL76 workstation, but some legacy systems still use Flash.

Those two packages are installed from RHEL repo:

$ sudo yum list installed | egrep "^(firefox.|flash-plugin.)"
firefox.x86_64 60.5.1-1.el7_6 @RHEL-76-x86_64-updates
flash-plugin.x86_64 2: @RHEL-76-x86_64-ibm-updates

Step 1: add firefox as exclude package in /etc/yum.conf

Step 2: Get the latest firefox and replace the ESR.

sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/backup_firefox && \
wget -O- "" | sudo tar -jx -C /usr/local/ && \
sudo ln -s -r /usr/local/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Step 3: Add Flash plugin

[ -f $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/ ] || ln -s /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/ $HOME/.mozilla/plugins/

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