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新的一年又來到,這是留言用的留言板。 peace!

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  1. Hi, Kirin Lin,
    I visited your wordpress site, and I found out that site is powered by google site, but the domain name is unique name:http://wordpress.kirin-lin.idv.tw/
    I also use google site to create my site, and I also own my own domain name (I have not created any content for my domain name thought). I am wondering how do you do it? Usually the site created by google site will have a name like:www.googlesite.my site.com…I will be very appreciated that you provide me some info of how to do it.
    您好,不知您如何使用谷歌的免費網站卻能有 自己的網域名稱,如有時間,希望您能告訴我何處有解答 。非常感謝。

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