[2006/12/06 – 2006/12/14]

  • 12/14 10:32, 2006
    引述 :『Project Goal An icon to represent the generic action of sharing a web page. This could mean adding the page to a social bookmarking site or memetracker, e-mailing the page to someone, etc.』
    繼 Feed Icon 後,出現 Share Icon。

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  • 12/14 10:27, 2006
    引述 :『This version has two main changes:
    1. Support for a Share This link in feeds via a custom page that presents the Share This information along with the post content. This also works for mobile visitors and visitors that have JavaScript disabled in their browser.
    2. The addition of the Share Icon to the link – on by default.』
    Share This 1.3 released

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  • 12/14 10:25, 2006
    引述 :『AlexKing發表了Share This這個外掛的新版本,這個外掛可以讓你更容易分享你的文章,譬如說,加進各種書籤或者是Email給你的朋友,更重要的,這個視窗開起來很輕巧美觀。』
    太多 Web 2.0 分享網站貼紙眼花撩亂,於是有人開始推通用的。

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  • 12/13 17:27, 2006

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  • 12/12 12:17, 2006
    引述 :『acronym 除了是「頭字語」以外,還必須是一個「單字」(word),是可以直接發音而不是逐字母唸的』
    ericsk 的心得與發現

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  • 12/12 12:15, 2006
    引述 :『Nevertheless, most lexicographers would likely agree with Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary which defines:* an acronym as “a word (as NATO, radar, or snafu) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term;”
    * an abbreviation as “a shortened form of a written word or phrase used in place of the whole.”』
    解釋 HTML 為何不是 acronym 而是 abbreviation

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  • 12/07 00:34, 2006
    引述 :『同樣是修正一些 bugs,主要是有些人回報說在某些使用 PHP 5.2 或者拿 FastCGI 來跑 PHP 的 hosting 上面會得到 500 的錯誤訊息。當然,這個之前已經有使用 plugin 的方式修正。』
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  • 12/06 11:51, 2006
    引述 :『Sometimes integrating your Flash movie into the HTML page may cause some layout issues such as your HTML dropdown menu appearing below the Flash movie.』
    原來 Flash 要加這個參數才不會擋住 html 歐!

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