Start using GnuPG

To sign at work and encrypt some shared data. After three months to play with command gpg…


Got a MacBook Pro 15″ 2018

Three years ago, I got a 13-inch MBPr as primary workstation. Then I got a MacBook Pro 15″ 2018 yesterday as primary workstation.

But it has a monitor issue…

A photo of today’s office desk when doing the data transferring.
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Upgrade from RHEL 7.4 to 7.5

Few days ago my RHEL 7.4 started to upgrade itself to 7.5. After that, the dual display setting is broken again. Last time I fixed it in RHEL 7.4 by replacing the ATI driver with old el6 version.

To fix that, just remove ~/.config/mointor.xml and reboot. It comes back.

There is another issue is “System Tray Icon is no longer available”. Some old applications provide system tray icons, and there is an easy way to fix it:

Go Tweak Tool > Tweaks > Extensions > Enable Top icons.

Reference: Bug 1548446 – System Tray Icon no longer available in gnome 3.26 in RHEL 7 out of the box

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Disable Automatic Connection of iPhone on RHEL 7.3

My desktop switched to RHEL 7.2 last year and I use it for charging my iPhones. I can disable USB automount at all, but I want to disable iPhone for not asking any “trust” questions on both sides.

Use following for adding a new udev rule:

Update: The charging will not work when my iPhone SE and iPhone 6s are not authorized. There is another approach:

linkirin@m91p: ~$ sudo mv /lib/udev/rules.d/85-usbmuxd.rules /lib/udev/rules.d/85-usbmuxd.rules.orig

Update: This should be ok with Ubuntu 14.04 desktop.

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Nautilus crashed after upgrade to RHEL 7.3

Few weeks ago, the desktop is upgraded to RHEL 7.3, then nautilus crashed when open it. Lucky, it is back to normal after clean its configuration.

linkirin@m91p:~$ sudo grep -e "nautilus[[0-9]+]: segfault .* in nautilus" /var/log/messages | tail -n 1
Dec 21 10:35:44 m91p kernel: nautilus[9525]: segfault at 18 ip 0000000000484592 sp 00007ffc9fc0e480 error 4 in nautilus[400000+147000]
linkirin@m91p:~$ rm -rf ~/.config/nautilus/