Upgrade from RHEL 7.4 to 7.5

Few days ago my RHEL 7.4 started to upgrade itself to 7.5. After that, the dual display setting is broken again. Last time I fixed it in RHEL 7.4 by replacing the ATI driver with old el6 version. To fix that, just remove ~/.config/mointor.xml and reboot. It comes back. There is another issue is “System […]

辦公桌 2017

好長一段時間沒有更新,前幾天與推友談到螢幕,想起來好久沒有拍辦公桌分享(應該是有,但沒有記在這裡就…嗯…)(補連結《換位置》),而關於這個話題上一篇已經是十年前《辦公桌 2007》了啊~(茶) 主機算算也有五歲,兩顆爛爛的 ThinkVision X24 大概才一年多就報修過一次,最好的設備應該屬自己從日本扛回來的 Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 吧~一直不習慣 MBP 13″ 鍵盤打感,就不把它帶到辦公室用。