Still doesn’t work

Greenbug said server can not power-launch. This is the 2nd time that powser supplyer dead.But we still cann’t sure if it is the powser supplyer’s problem. I will go to Greenbug’s home and check what’s wrong. Bring an old power supply and make sure that power line has ground connection.

Server down

It’s a sunny morning, but i found this is not really a good begining. I tried to browse my personal blog Kirin Lin, but FireFox told me server has no response. Then i tried different way to connect to server and still didn’t work. The server is surely down… So, i can not write anything […]

New Cellphone

I bought a new cellphone, Nokia 6230i, two weeks ago, because the charging module of my old 8210 is dead…Now, I have a new phone which can call others, take a picture, take a video, listen FM radio, play MP3 and video, and surf the internet! Sooooo cool~